Let Love In

I don’t choose to sit with my feelings each & every time. However, when I do sit with them, it is in an imperfect manner. I’ve stuffed down my feelings for decades. But through my practice of yoga & exploring my exiled feeling parts with helping professionals, I’ve definitely come a long way. I really try to infuse my Wise Woman Self (inner wisdom) into these situations. She reminds me how strong I am. Strengthening our emotional muscle, as well as our Self is so key.

Often times, we who struggle with anxiety, depression, or eating disorders choose to stay in hibernation. We hide from love for a variety of reasons. I believe we were created to be known -in authentic community.


So- reach out.

Find safe people you can be your True Self with. At first that might mean with a therapist or in group therapy. When you are feeling stronger, maybe you will reach out to your place or worship, a 12-step group, a good friend, or even a partner.

We desperately need to let love in.


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2 Responses to Let Love In

  1. Lovely post. Great advice. Thank you!

  2. Debbish says:

    Great post! And true. I was part of a weight loss program when I lost the bulk of my weight last year. I didn’t get involved in program forums and the like but connected with others via FB and Twitter and occasionally IRL (it was an online program!).

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