From Father to Daughter

God’s Vision for Me!

Dearest Daughter,

You have inner and outer beauty. I’m so excited that you are really starting to see that.

You were created perfectly. However, your sin nature and that of the world’s has brought you down some challenging roads.

I’ve been there with you every step of journey. Sometimes you came up running to hug me. Other times it was quick wave and a smile. You and I longed for so much more.

Daughter, I am redeeming you.

You don’t know what I have planned.

But guess what?

It’s GREAT! Beyond your wildest expectations.

You are still learning to trust Me. And that’s okay.

You move slowly. But I see you taking risks.

Don’t stop.

Keep reaching out and letting love in.

Accept rejection as part of the plan to building a new community for yourself.

Continue to write.

I know you think you have nothing left to write about. You told me that you never wanted to write again. But, I gave you a gift for communication and encouragement.

You say that you are out of ideas.

Yes, YOU are. But, I have oodles for you to share.

Trust me to reveal myself to you.

Be still.

Be available.

Get comfortable with the quiet, and surrender.

I am the artist. You are my paintbrush, my dear daughter. I will bring bold colors and patterns into our portrait.

You will want to know what this portrait will look like. But doesn’t the mystery of art unfold through the creation process?

I am making all things new.

I ask that you be open. Resistance in the past has served you well. It allowed you to go at a pace that was comfortable for you.

Start learning how to be uncomfortable. I will be there with my hand on your shoulder.

Little butterfly, it’s time to fly.


Your Heavenly Father


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4 Responses to From Father to Daughter

  1. Nancy says:

    Nice post, Jill. I really like the rhythm of it, and “oodles.” There is so much more beyond our physical struggles, isn’t there? And so much help and support available to us through an often un-tapped source. God’s heading up my cheering section now and it’s wonderful.

  2. Marnie says:

    Great post! Why do I always forget to ask the Heavenly Father for help with my biggest struggles? You are so right when you say He is there for the asking! I think to pray for others but not myself. I , too , need to trust Him so that I can receive his grace in my life and deal with my issues.

  3. This is beautifully written Jill, my friend.

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