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So What About the Yoga?

So why don’t you ever blog about yoga anymore, my critical part says??? Here’s what’s going on with the whole yoga thing…. I started doing yoga about 8 years ago while I was going through a period of depression after … Continue reading

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The Fat Chick Works Out

Recently, I read The Fat Chick Works Out: Fitness That’s Fun and Feasible for Folks of all Ages, Shapes, and Sizes by Jeanette DePatie. Have you let go of the Diet Mentality? Have you unhooked exercise from weight loss? If … Continue reading

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Out of Alignment

Things are out of alignment. Not my breaks. Not my shoulder. My eating. Initially, my thoughts went to …. MUST CONTROL. MUST USE WILLPOWER. MUST enable FORCE. Like that EVER worked well in the past! 🙂 Just like a yoga … Continue reading

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