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Happy, Regardless of Size

As I’ve posted about before, I have been compulsively weighing myself. I talked about it with my helping professional. She suggested that I stand on the scale and say to myself, “This is how I get my self-worth.” Kinda shocking, … Continue reading

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Fat: The Owner’s Manual (Book Review)

Fat: The Owner’s Manual- Navigating a Thin-Obsessed World with your Health, Happiness, and Sense of Humor Intact by Regan Chastain Regan Chastain is a Fat Acceptance and Health at Every Size advocate, as well as a former National Dance Champion … Continue reading

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I’m Not Going to Stop Weighing

I think I know why I’m freaking out about the scale. I avoided the scale for years. Because I was told it was the nondiet way. But, following the nondiet way, the way it’s “supposed” to be…. has never worked … Continue reading

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Weight Stigma: Reclaim

Reclaim your body image as your own! Be the first to engage in positive body talk, Think about your REAL values…. and what impact you want to have on the your fellow human beings. What you say matters! I don’t … Continue reading

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Weight Stigma: Express

Express Yourself! Get creative…express yourself in ways that will aid in your healing! Be a catalyst for change. I have found art therapy to be a healing balm & a way to process through feelings that traditional talk therapy or … Continue reading

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Weight Stigma: Recognize

Today is the first day of Weight Stigma Awareness Week of 2012 RECOGNIZE: • The way you judge yourself and others based on their weight • Weight stigma as a form of bullying • Your own story • You have … Continue reading

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