Eating Out & Making it Mindful

For the last three months I’ve started a Sunday night routine that includes hanging out at the pool, noodling around, going to the hot tub, and then going out for dinner.

As summer turned into fall, my friend and I decided to move our routine indoors. I’ve recently discovered fins and kick boards. More pool fun!

I LOVE going out for dinner. My friend and I both like expensive, non-chain restaurants. If the weather is nice, we love to be outdoors.

I used to fear eating out, because I was unable to calculate how many points or calories I was consuming. Because I trust my to do that for me now, there is less fear.

But, it’s not perfect. And it doesn’t need to be.

I’ve been ordering large portions, getting lost in the task, and not connecting with my body’s signals of satisfaction. Sometimes the thought of “Oh, I’m going to overeat!” comes to mind, and I think “Oh well” instead of wrapping up the leftovers to bring home.This past weekend it happened again. I ordered the most amazing shrimp tacos. The problem was that I had filled up on the chicken soup and chips/salsa beforehand. I only ate the shrimp, and not the tortillas, but by then the fullness in my body really hit hard, so I said, “Forget it!”, and ate some of that, too.

I don’t overeat regularly anymore, so it was surprising how much physical discomfort I was experiencing in my body.

I thought, “Never again will I overeat!”

Then I kind of laughed at my all-or-nothing thinking and instead pondered what the lesson was?

*Actively stay more in tune with my signals.
*Possibly order a smaller portion.
*Think about skipping the soup course, as well as the chips/salsa. (They weren’t good anyway!)

And most importantly…

*Continue to give myself grace as this is a journey.

After all, overeating from time to time is part of being a normal eater.


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3 Responses to Eating Out & Making it Mindful

  1. Debbish says:

    I’ve always been much more in control when eating out. I only binge etc when I’m by myself (or at my mum’s etc). Although I won’t necessarily make healthy choices when out, I do eat more mindfully – stopping to talk to others, thinking about what I’m eating etc – which is something I don’t do at home.

    I also love eating out. Had a lovely lunch out yesterday and one the week before as well. I rarely have two courses but will eat almost all of my meals!

  2. Leslie Neshama says:

    As I read your blog entry, I find my mind really active – as if the things you write about are igniting issues for me that need attention. Also, Debbish’s reply helps me to articulate the difference of how I eat when I am alone, compared to eating out. Being among people is almost an instant “normalizing” effect for me. (Hope that makes some sense.) I read recently about how SELF-COMPASSION heals.
    My Journey Continues.
    And I thank G-d.
    with all my heart,

  3. Run Eat Play says:

    I agree that you should give youself a break once in a while, and it sounds like you are doing great on your mindful eating journey! Sometmes I overeat because the food tastes so darn good! 🙂

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