Cultivating Your Blueprint For Living

I think intuitive living is an extension of eating intuitively. Not only do we want to nourish our bodies through food, but we crave other forms of self-care as well.

I downloaded Mara’s worksheet from her Body Loving Homework E-Course. She said I could use it to help me figure out what my body needs to be at it’s best. You can download the worksheet for yourself by going to this post.

“A Blueprint for Living is the compilation of those daily and weekly needs that you absolutely must fulfill. Think back over the course of your life. When have you felt your best? What were the conditions that allowed you to feel so wonderful? If you had to develop a semblance of a baseline for taking care of yourself, what might it include?”

“What do you need on a daily basis in order to feel your best inside and out?”

For me that is:

1. Having clean clothes that are put away after being laundered, & set out to wear for the next morning.

2. Eating Breakfast that has protein in it.

3. Drinking water.

4. Having an abundance groceries in my house. (My abundance is probably different than yours.)

5. Living in a clean house. (I’ll admit it, I hired a cleaning lady.)

6. Breathing (leaving the radio off in the car & enjoying the quiet.)

7. Journaling (helps me sort through conflicts, anxieties, exiled feelings)

8. Joyful Movement

9. Taking my vitamins & medications.

10. Going to bed early.

What might your Blueprint for Living include?


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5 Responses to Cultivating Your Blueprint For Living

  1. Mara says:

    Oooh fantastic! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance as you’re starting to navigate your blueprint!

  2. For me, it is taking time to exercise each morning. And taking time to connect with my husband, parents and friends.

  3. Debbish says:

    I’ve meant to download that blueprint a million times. Not sure why I haven’t as yet. And… I can relate to many of the things that help you feel balanced!

  4. I identify with so many of these- especially going to bed early, drinking water, and journaling.

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